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For working moms who know they were made for more in their

relationships, lifestyle and profession!

The shift from a "have to" life, to a "WANT TO" life. 

Sometimes, you have to shake things up to discover what you really want. 

In this 13 day shake up, you'll discover a life YOU chose, not one you settled for with ACTION steps daily. You will discover:

  • How to be a Queen in your home by getting more done with more ease

  • How to feel excited to wake up every morning by knowing your own purpose and passion in life and be working towards it

  • Find easy daily habits that will change how you see yourself and maximize your finances

  • Discovering ways to get more out of your passions or career

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You checked off all the boxes in life. 


Colored in the lines.


Worked your butt off!!!!


And yet still... some days you feel unfulfilled,

over whelmed, or even lost at how you ended up here?


Deep inside you KNOW you were made for so much,

but between running carpool, soccer practice, working hard and

home duties, you got lost in it all.


And suddenly, years later, you looked up and released time has

slipped you by. You "someday" slipped into never. 


I have been there my new friend!


After 7 years of keeping my head down and working hard in my wedding business, I looked up and realized I wasn't anywhere where I wanted to be. I was just being carried along in the current.


So I had to start unraveling where I was, and discover how to live an intentional life to find out where I really wanted to be.


(Not the: “I should want this” life. But the deep down, soul aching:  “THIS, This is what I want out of my life" proclamation.)


I'll be the first to tell you, change wasn't easy.


In fact, it's down right uncomfortable to take the first few baby steps.

And I want to share with you how you can too. 


​I will be sharing all my secrets and findings on:

  • How to free up more time and feel more peace on a daily basis 

  • Time management and delegation skills that will have you feeling fully supported in all ways

  • How to connect with more meaning purpose and fulfillment  

  • Ways to incorporate more TRAVEL and FREEDOM into your lifestyle

  • How to feel excited to wake up every morning by knowing you’re living out your passion in life!

  • Easy daily habits that will change how you see yourself and maximize your finances and career 

Life wasn't merely made to survive. I want to show you how to thrive!!


If you want to change your course, you have to shake things up. 


In 2018, Jewl and her husband set out to travel the world for  5 months with their family of 5 after only three months of dreaming it up. 

 They were only able to do this because of the life they set up with INTENTION.  In this 13 day shake up,  Jewl is going to share all of their secrets to setting up a life with intention so you don't have to wait until retirement to start living your fullest life now. She is sharing her insight to daily habits, finances, career choices, health, mind set and time management to set up a life you dream of, whatever your dreams may be. 

It's time to start living a life you CHOSE, rather than a life you settled for.

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