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"How you feel about yourself impacts how you connect with others

When you get the nudge to reach out to someome, do it as soon as possible

48% of people never reconnect with a contact.

80% of sales are made after at least 5 connections + are made by only 10% of leaders

Your contact  wants to be guided confidently by you. They want you to close them" -Ange Peters Hol:fit

Law of The Harvest

Law of The Harvest

Watch Now

What if you knew 60% of the time follow up would work every time?

Follow up is about planting the seeds and nurturing them.

"The harvest cannot be prevented."

But we have to do our part in seeing the harvest come. 

That is through heart felt, sincere follow up. 

The secret sauce to creating a thriving business. 


Tracking your connection with people is what sets the amateurs apart from the business professionals. You can't leave this business up to chance, but rather intentional building. This is done by tracking the following up with the people who are waiting for your message. When sales, promos, BOGO's happen, you will be ahead of the curve because you have you lead list to reach out to and serve authentically and naturally. DO NOT skip this step in your business. 

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