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Recorded above is an essential oil basics class and a business overview in Hindi and English. This is the first class to master as you begin your business. Listen to this class as many times as needed until you feel comfortable with teaching one yourself. 

Both links below will bring you to the slides for both of these classes.

You can take these slides and customize them for yourself through a free Canva account. 


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Want to teach in person?


You can use this trifold/brochure to help guide your class.


Use this tool for a one-on-one or in a group.  

Each section can be read by you or your clients together with you. This can help if you feel more confident in teaching your own class.

Print the tri-fold as is.

Or customize it to your liking. 

(Copy the trifold to your own account before editing!) 

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  • Practice makes comfortable. Listen to the recording and practice on your own until you feel good teaching.

  • Keep essential oil classes to 30-45 minutes. Do not go over so there is time for a business intro class after.

  • Always present the business intro after every single class. No expecption. People need to know of the financial healing doTERRA provides also. 

  • Lead people to answers on what oils to use.
    Do not answer everything for them. They can look them up for free 
    This makes people more empowered to be their own advocate.

Teach from The Trifold


Ensure you are being stewards of this company by talking compliantly when speaking about the benefits of the essential oils online. doTERRA works hard to keep its accreditation within country governments. And when we speak in disease terms that the oils cure, this jeopardizes out standing. Even though we know and have experienced the essential oils doing amazing things, when we talk online, take special note to not make any claims. 

  • Do refer to aroma and atmosphere (“has an uplifting aroma,” “creates a relaxing atmosphere”).

  • Do use cosmetic claims (“cleanses,” “improves appearance”).

  • Do use structure-function claims only with products labeled for internal use.

    • Use words such as “health,” “wellness,” “supports,” “maintains,” etc.

    • Refer to general body parts and systems (“for heart health,” “supports the respiratory system”).

    • Refer to normal conditions associated with a natural state or process (“morning sickness during pregnancy,” “hot flashes during menopause”).

    • Use qualifiers such as “mild,” “typical,” “normal,” “occasional,” or other words to distinguish a temporary or minor condition from a symptom of disease (“occasional stomach upset,” “muscle soreness following exercise”).

  • Do use the FDA disclaimer only with structure-function claims.

  • Don’t use disease claims.

  • Don’t use words such as “disease,” “illness,” “cure,” “treat,” “repair,” “chronic,” etc.

  • Don’t refer to any disease or illness, such as cancer, diabetes, autism, cold, flu, etc.

  • Don’t refer to symptoms of disease such as coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.

  • Don’t recommend a product as a substitute for a drug.

  • Don’t recommend a product to augment a therapy or drug.

  • Don’t imply a disease claim through pictures or symbols.

Write + Share Your Story COMPLIANTLY

Now that you know more about compliance, re-write the product story from week one compliantly and share it on your social media pages. 

After you have posted it, share a link to the post in our business what's app group so we can comment and cheer you on. 

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We understand that until you earn a solid paycheck from your new startup monthly, it is hard to invest any money into purchasing product monthly. That is why we want to help train you in making sure this order can be covered by customers' essential oil orders.


Each month the goal should be to hold 3-4 classes the first 2 weeks of the month. These classes should aim at selling 50pv in essential oils. This can come from single bottles of oil, or selling mini bottles you create from samples. This will be more than enough to cover your monthly order, help you earn points back on the Loyalty Rewards Program and maximize the compensation plan.

The last two weeks of the month are for following up and helping anyone who has order just one or two oils get signed up for their own Wellness Advocate Accounts so they can order on their own and earn their own points. 


  • Weekly 15 minute check in with your upline mentor

  • Attend weekly team calls 

  • Choose one new topic about essential oils to learn about. 

  • Write up your own Product Story COMPLIANTLYand share it on social media.

  • Practice teaching how to present an essential oil basics class AND a business class. 

  • Present this to one person this week. (Or a group if you feel confident with it)

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