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doTERRA is a relationship business. Anchor your attitude in the belief that caring is the most important gift you give everyone you connect with.

Remember what a difference the person made who shared this gift with you.

Who is out there waiting for you to share

this gift with them?

Friends at Cafe

Your Circle of Influence

When you begin your business, you can share with 2 groups. The first group is your circle of influence. That is the group of people you already know like your co-workers, family members, or friends. These people already know, like and trust you and are the easiest to talk to at first.


The second are people you have not yet met who will you get to know by expanding your influence. This can be done online reaching out, marketing, joining new groups in your area, doing collaborations, approaching other professionals in your area or asking for referrals.  

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Step 1: Brain dump 100 names without judging or over thinking it onto a blank piece of paper. Think back to past jobs, school, neighbors, associates, every and anyone. This is called your "warm market".


Step 2: From there,  narrow it down to your top 45 names. You can do this by ranking each name. (Listen to Allyse share how to rank your contact)  



Step 3: Inviting. As you contact each person, take the attention away from you and what you want, and sincerely think of the people in your life who will forever be changed by sharing with them this gift. 

What if the person who signed you up never shared this gift with you? 

Always come from a place of serving everyone on this list. 

The more people who experience your message, the more people enroll, and the more lives you change, including your own. Start sharing with your own warm market (trusted/established relationships).

As they fall in love with dōTERRA, they become an ongoing source of contacts and referrals.

Expanding Your Influence

How are some ways you can expand your circle of influence? 

May this list help open your brain to other creative ways that excite you. 

  • Join a new group in your area that interests you to meet new people. 

  • Join a new Facebook group and get to know the people in the group and make friends. 

  • Offer to give free essential oils classes at a professional office in your area. 

  • Run Facebook or Instagram ads sharing about essential oils.

  • Ask friends and family for referrals for who would be interested in using natural solutions

  • Post thought intriguing posts on Facebook so people ask questions 

  • Participate in influencers promotions and giveaways

All Hands In

How to Invite from Your List

dōTERRA is a relationship business. Take the time to create and nurture relationships as you begin to share.

When the time is right, ask about health priorities, share stories, invite to try micro samples, or invite to a class.

Seek to serve, then others will naturally want what you have to offer.

You don’t need to be an expert to successfully invite people to become their own solutions provider. Discover what’s most important to each person by taking a genuine interest in who they are, what they are experiencing, and how you can serve them.

Building Value in an Invite for Success

Become a Solutions Provider

How can you help others around you feel better? How can you help a friend get over a headache? A cough? A pinched muscle? Offer your expertise and share with them a natural approach to try. Or share a financial solutions to their life. 

​Opening Conversation Ideas:

  • "Are you open to trying something natural to help with _____(Health concern)_____."

  • "Have you heard of doTERRA before? They are the largest essential oils company in the world and have just opened in India. I have been using their essential oils for ____(Health concerns)____ and have had an amazing experience with them. I have just a limited amount of micro bottles I am able to sell if you'd like to try them. What health concern are you or someone in your home working on?"

  • Share your product story and ask if they are open to trying it for themselves.

  • "You mentioned you were tired of going to your day job. Can I share with you what I am doing to be able to walk away from that and be financially free?'

  • 'I have discovered a new start-up in India I am very excited about. You should join our Monday or Thursday night call and come hear about it. I would love to work with you on it.'

  • "I have always really admired your work ethic and ability to talk with others. I have began a new startup within a new company here in India, and I think you would really love it. Do you have time to join a all Monday or Thursday 9pm to hear about it?" 

Be Prepared Anywhere

The best way to help others want to learn more about essential oils is by sharing experiences. Choose the method that is best for you. Many sharing opportunities happen naturally during existing day-to-day activities (at a social gathering, sporting event, social media, in line at the store, etc.)


Share a quick oil experience when and wherever it feels natural. This can be your story, letting them borrow your bottles, giving the a drop from your bag, or selling them a try-before-buy bottle. The more experiences a person has with the oils and with you, the more they want to learn and enroll with their own oil kit. 

Take advantage of windows of opportunity to share.

Sharing a Mini Bottle

Sampling is the easilest way to help someone understand the power of doTERRA essential oils and prep them for coming to a class or trying the essential oils after a class.  And the easiest way to do this is to sell them a mini bottle of essential oils so they can feel the powerful difference of using plant-based healthcare.   Some of the biggest business partners I have brought into my business started with sampling and letting those samples do the heavy lifting.

With so many natural choices in India, people need to feel and see the difference in doTERRA essential oils.

With your local clients, you can offer a "Mini Bottle" 1ml bottle for purchase. This is done by taking the essential oils you have purchased and putting 16-17 drops in the doTERRA 5/8 dram bottles and putting a circle sticker on top. This is a great way for people to fall in love with the oils at a lesser affordable price before purchasing a kit or full bottle. The prices listed below are wholesale pricing and tax per 1 ml with a 100% markup. Selling 8 bottles will pay for your full bottle of oil and sample bottle. Anything 9-15 sold is profit. Although this is hauling buckets selling indivisual samples, giving others a chance to fall in love with the oils and knowing the purity difference so they understand the value in these oils is sometimes necessary in a new market. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 9.43.16 AM.png

These 5/8 drams are available in your back office for purchase. 


*Prices are wholesale + tax pricing per ml with a 100% mark up.

Click here to download and print the Mini Bottle page price break down. 


When giving someone their Mirco Bottle, share with them exactly how to use it and also give them examples of other ways they can use this new essential oil they have. One essential oil can be used for many things. Help them see the multiple benefits of that little bottle. 

Another important thing to do is to set expectations.


Essential oils are similar to medication in this way. When you have an ailment and you go to the doctor and receive a prescription and if you use it and it doesn’t work, you usually don’t think to yourself ‘I’m never going to try medication again because it’s all useless.’ What you think is ‘That medication didn’t work well on my body so I need to go back to the doctor and ask him for something different.’


We have been programmed this way—we understand that medications affect people differently. Essential oils are similar in the fact that each oil is not going to have the exact same effect on every single person. So if you use an oil and don’t get the results you’re looking for, that’s okay, we can try something else. If you’re patient enough with essential oils like you are with medication, we will find something that is safer, cheaper and more effective for you.”

Reach out to the 30 people on your list this week

Look at your list of the top 45 and decide the best way to serve them this week. Visit, call them on the phone, send them a text or Facebook message. And when the time is right, introduce the oils, share an essential oil with them and eventually invite them to our online Monday and Thursday night classes. 


Write up your product story and share it with The Daily Drop Society LEADER AND EDUCATORS Group. 

As we begin our growth in India, you have the unique opportunity to have consistent classes from our team every single week, Monday and Thursday online. You can invite others to this meeting to learn about the essential oils or learn about the business partner opportunity.

Password: doterra 

Monday Night.png
Thursday Night.png


Confirm with anyone you have invited before a class to ensure your prospects are more likely to attend. No one likes to be "reminded" of something they might have forgotten. So try these phrases to gently remind them you are expecting them to the class. 

2 days before a class message or text them:

  • "I am excited to see you on the class on Monday. "

  • I wanted to make sure you knew, the class is usually only 30 minutes, so they start at 9pm prompt. 

The day of the class is the most important reminder. Many people decide just an hour before if they will be attending. Message them things like:

  • See you tonight! 

  • See you in the class in 30 minutes. 

  • You are going to love this class tonight. Can't wait to see you. 

  • They give a special gift to the class when they attend that you are going to really like. 

Reminding them will ensure more attendance success.  

Image by Kelly Sikkema
  • Weekly 15 minute check in with your upline mentor

  • Attend weekly team calls 

  • Study a new topic about essential oils this week. 

  • Create 10 mini bottles and keep them in your bag to share or sell.

  • Invite 10 people to attend a class. 

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