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to doTERRA India

You now have access to the purest essential oils in the world at a 25% discount. 

Additionally you now have the opportunity to resell products up to the maximum retail price (MRP) printed on our lavel and participate in our compensation plan by sponsoring other sing ups. 

Tools to Help You on this Journey

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How to use the top 10 essential oils

Learn the top uses for the top 10 oils that are in all starter kits in India. These bottles are your perfect start to empowered health. 


How do you know which oils to use? 

In the beginning it can be hard to know which oils you should use for certain areas of health. You will love this resources. Make sure to book mark it on your phone to look up health concerns and the essential oils to help. 

Online student

How do you use your new doTERRA Account? 

You now get 25% off all purchases with doTERRA.

You will login to your new account to get this discount. You can order whenever you would like. 

Go to: 

Whats App

Join our What's App Education Group

A few times a week get essential oil education straight to your phone so you can start learning little drops at a time with The Daily Drop Society.

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Account Perks

Because you have an account with doTERRA, you can opt into the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) to earn free products monthly. When you place a monthly order, you can qualify for the Product of the Month Club and earn points back wtih each order to redeem for free products. 

The Oil of the Month Club: Every month a new oil is highlighted and is given for free with any 125pv order. 

Earn points back on every order placed monthlyEach month you consistently order, doTERRA gives you a percentage back in points to be redeemed in free products. Every 3 months you move up in percentage until you earn the top percent of 30% in points back after 13 months.


Product Volume Breakdown:

125pv: Free product of the month

100pv: Qualify for commissions

50pv: Earn points back in free products 

1-40pv: Freeze current point percentage

*This program is an opt in only program. You will not be charged monthly and will have to login and do these orders yourself monthly if you want to participate. By clicking the button to opt in  means you will recieve reminder emails only. 

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The Daily Drop Society India

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