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Life is about so much more than just getting by.


It's about dreaming, becoming, learning, doing and claiming what is out there just waiting for you.


YOU are a force for good.


A force for change.


But unless you step into that place of power, will you ever truly get what is waiting for you?


Have you felt that tug at your heart urging you to start something new?


To find your true calling, passion and desires in life?


Trust me my friends, when passion and action come together, you will be led to your dreams and a purposeful life.

LIFE before 

A few years ago, I thought I was living my dream. I started my own event planning business and worked my heart out at it for over 7 years. But an interesting thing happened... As I got more successful, I got busier. I had less time with my family. I couldn't make any more money than I currently was. My health came last. And I lost who I was...


Have you ever felt that way?








It wasn't until I took a hard look at where I was headed and completely changed directions, that I change my life forever!


And that was when I began my journey with doTERRA.



This is so much more than a business. This is healing on a deep, soulful level.


Healing of the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial self.

After a year, I sold off my wedding business and focused  fully on doTERRA. After 3 years, I was making more in a month than I was in a whole year of wedding planning.  After 5 years, my husband walked away from ownership in a business so do this with me full time. 

We now have our health as a priority. We have gotten to travel the world with our kids. We get to help others learn exactly how they can do the same. And we are bringing healing to the world! 


The last few years have completely changed our lives to allow us to now do this purposeful work full time.


Ready to learn exactly how we did it? 

Are you ready to do the same?


Are you ready to LAUNCH into the next chapter of your life?


Ready, Set, Launch is a program detailing everything you need to know about having an authentic and thriving doTERRA business in JUST 6 WEEKS.

It's about leading with these amazing little drops of heath to share with people hope that have been looking and begging to find it. 


In these 6 weeks, you will learn how to find your authentic why, how to share that with people, how to present with ease, and how to lead others how to do the same. 


This program is an action oriented program that is best started a month before you launch your first educational class. It was made specifically for members of The Daily Drop Society. 

doTERRA has an untouched retention rate in the industry of 65% because the products are changing lives! They are giving people hope that have been looking for it. 


BUILDING a pipeline

This truly creates a pipeline for our lives, not just "hauling buckets" to get by each day. 

The idea of building a pipeline for me and my family become every real when we had our third child. 

I am forever grateful for the tender mercies in our lives that led up to our doTERRA business. 



Watch Now
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If you could wave your magic wand, and be at any rank in doTERRA where would you be? 

Enough to get your products for free? 

Supplement your income?

Replace your income? 

Create a life you could have only dreamed of? 


to learn the exact steps on how we grew to a diamond team in doTERRA?


  • Must be a member of The Daily Drop Society or a brand new member of doTERRA.

  • Set aside time each week to complete tasks and requirements. Minimum10+ hrs a week. 

  • Each week members of the program will have assignments and challenges to complete. When you accomplish each task you get to move on to the next weeks assignments and challenges. 

  • doTERRA pays out commissions for loyalty rewards orders set to over 100 in product volume. Because of this your LRP must always be set to a minimum of 100pv. 

  • Weekly phone calls with your upline for mentoring during the 6 weeks

  • Ready to take your life and business to the next level

  • Prepared to leave all excuses at the door when you begin and take 100% ownership to your results and success. 

  • You are ready to get a little uncomfortable to be able to grow. 

fill out the form below to apply

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