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Make and takes are a great way to have people pay you to sample to them. Ultimately we want to empower them with their own wholesale account and kit to really start making over their health. But sometimes we need to experience the oils first. This concept originated from Lisa Zimmerman. You can click here to purchase her handouts and learn more. 

It's important to note, we are not selling samples. This is against doTERRA policy. However, we are selling roller bottles and then our guests can put whatever oils in them straight from the bottles for free. 


  • Essential Oil 101 Brochure to teach from (BELOW)

  • 5ml Roller Bottles PRE-LABELED with the rollers participants can choose from. (I get mine on amazon $40 for 144 rollers)

  • Essential oils from the kit you are teaching from 

  • Fractionated coconut oil 

  • Handout for the rollers you are making. Laminated or in a plastic sleeve. Just enough so everyone can see 

  • Drawing hand out to collect information

  • Sign up forms or digital access to sign people up

  • An essential oil reference book




STEP 1- Open with the link below into your own Canva account

STEP 2- Make a copy of the brochure onto your own Canva account

STEP 3- Delete this original copy from your Canva 

STEP 4- Edit your copy and save


  • Welcome everyone to the class and pass out the brochure to each person. (You can also teach this portion from the flip file if you do not want to give everyone a paper) 

  • Read trifold sections 1-6 (You will be skipping over the top 10 oils)

  • Either your or another wellness advocate can share a testimonial or two that connects to what attendees had wanted to come for. 
    NO more than 60 seconds per testimonial. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Ask for this testimonial before hand.

  • Soft close: Briefly go over sections 7 + 8 on the trifold.  Explain the kits. 1-2 minutes tops. 

  • Move onto the Make and Take Portion (If possible switch to the kitchen or another room with a table for this portion)

  • Display make and take handout so everyone can see it. You might need a few copies. DO NOT give these away. 

  • Explain to the participants what is going to happen now. Go through the oils/recipes on the make and take handout, one roller at a time.

  • Explain the first roller bottle and what oils are in it. Tell them what those oils are good for. Ask who would like to make the first roller bottle blend. Hand out the rollers pre-labeled to everyone that raises their hand. Help them make them the roller bottle as you sit and discuss and chat with each other. Once everyone is done,  move onto roller two and so on until you get through the whole page.


  • Hand out the giveaway forms. Explain what you are giving away that night.
    (Something simple. Like a free roller. A 5ml Wild orange. A Sugar scrub you made etc.) 

  • If you have a host, ask them to come to the front and give them the hostess gift. Explain that anyone who hosts gets this gift. And anyone who says they will host a make and take will get an extra entry into the giveaway. 

  • Gather the giveaway forms and for anyone who marked yes (Or even maybe) give them another entry into the giveaway by putting their name on another giveaway form. 

  • Choose a winner.

  • Ask attendees to pull out the tri-fold again.

  • Hard close: I like to give an incentive for anyone to enroll that night. I like to tell them they get all 5 rollers free with any kit purcahse so they can refil their rollers at anytime. Not only does this give them a free $35 wholesale account, but they can put their $25 they would have spent in roller towards their kit. You can also just do 1 free roller with kit, a goodie bag, or whatever you want to giveaway. Just give then a reason to get a kit and get started) 

  • Hand out wholesale forms.

  • Let everyone else check out for rollers made. $5 each. 

  • Goodie bags for new enrollments (If that is what you are doing)

  • Email recipes or hand them out to who enrolls  (or email it to them based on your printing/folder budget) 

  • For those that don't enroll- no handouts for them except trifold and their $5 rollers. You have to start saving things and give them a reason to enroll. Stop giving everything away. Show the audience the amazing contents of their new enrollment goodie bag! Tell them they get access to all the handouts you've purchased with their enrollment. Give them reasons to enroll! Your awesome facebook groups and more...Stop giving them everything "hoping" they enroll. Withhold the good stuff "so they enroll".

  • These classes need to be 45- hour depending on size of class and if we have ample helpers of 1 helper for every 3-5 people.

  • To Watch Lisa Zimmermans Trainings go to:


Save this template and add your own class information onto the bottom left. 


Create your own

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TOP 10 

Make and take

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Make and take

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Make and take

Duplicate_ -Make and Take Essential Succ

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Essential Success was created for Business Builder or Sharers to get their kit for free through make and take classes. 


Make and take

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