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Class On The Go
How to Customize
with your own information on Canva

*To customize through Canva, COPY THE DESIGN FIRST, and delete the original before editing. If you edit on the master copy, others will go back and delete your information.

Class on the go is and simple way to teach an essential oil class. Anyone can teach from these brochures. You just ask people in the class to read each section and then discuss as a group what was read. 


You can teach a full basics class, a make and take class, or use them as business cards when people are interested in oils. 

Either print "AS IS" and just write in for information. Or customize each brochure on Canva with your information before printing. It is up to you. 


(If you end up translating into another language, please share it with the group so we can update this master sheet.)

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