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I didn't even know there was such thing as having your own "Essential oils business." 

In fact, I owned my own wedding planning business along with a rental business and ran a wedding expo. 

I wanted the freedom I thought the word “OWNER” came with.


I wanted to be able to be home with my kids, meet clients at my home office and be able to pick and choose when I worked and what hours I worked.

But boy was I WRONG!

What I didn’t realize is that I wasn’t the owner of my business.

My wedding businesses owned me!

I worked long hours, was away from home, and was struggling to make ends meet even though I was doing more weddings than my time could handle. On the outside, it looked glamorous, but it was anything but that and it was starting to take a toll on my health. Who knew handling the stress of could weigh so much?


More Importantly, 

I felt like I was meant for something bigger and wasn’t living up to my potential. 


Little did I know that New Years had a whole new meaning that year. 

For New Years we took a trip with our family to Cancun. Just ADULTS! (Que the hallelujah chorus!) 

As we were swimming at night. (Because that is what you can do without kids in Mexico!! ;) My Sister in law told us her husband was leaving his marketing business to work with her on her doTERRA business because they had their first 10k month.


I was a small business owner. I had no idea a network marketing business could actually be a “real business”. Let alone people I knew actually were being successful  at something they felt passionate about and made an incredible living with.


I had to learn more!!!

So for the rest of the trip I asked ALOT of questions. I needed to know how it worked. How you got paid. How they had done it...


While inside a little voice wondered...."Could I do it too?"

And I knew I had to make a decision to make.

Do I stay with what I was doing, KNOWING I physically couldn't work anymore hours, make any more money then I already was and wasn't home on the weekends with my family?


So I took the leap. And started my own doTERRA business.


And an incredible thing happened....


I leaped.... and flew

Image by Andrik Langfield


After 2 years my doTERRA business did more in 1 month than I did all year with wedding planning that I had been doing for 6+ years.


I got to choose when I work.


I got to be involved in humanitarian efforts I never thought possible.


I have learned more about myself then I have ever before.


And I get to have something that lights me up to contribute to the world without compromising the time I have while my kids are still small.


And I am grateful EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I took the chance to be uncomfortable and JUMP.


I'm not saying there hasn't been blood sweat in tears along the way. This is hard work. But it has been so much more worth it than any of the businesses I had done before. Financially, physically, spiritually and socially.


When I get a text in the middle of the night saying “Thank you, IT WORKED!!” I know I am on the right path. 

Could it be what you have been looking for too?


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Co-Impact Sourcing

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