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Philippine Resources


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Folder File Presentation

This is a 44-page presentation on doTERRA basics and the business that can be printed and put into a binder to give representations on the go without access to a computer or wifi. 

Powerpoint Presentation
This is a 47-slide presentation is on doTERRA basics and the business that can be printed or put on a wide screen to present to a group of people or on an Iphone. . 

Tagalog Basic A-Z Guide 

Give people you sample or new sign-ups this basic Tagalog a-z guide to help them know which oils to use. (This page is non-compliant and CANNOT be posted online)

Trifold Brochure 

This is a one-page double-sided class handout. Great for Make N' Take classes, One on Ones or to give out as business cards when you meet someone interested in doTERRA and you might not have much time to share more with them. 

Founder Letter Of Intent

Want to become a founder with doTERRA in the Philippines?

A founder means you are a pioneer for doTERRA in the Philippines and one of the first 20 people to the rank of Gold. By doing this you share a percentage of the profit from Philippines sales for LIFE as long as you maintain your rank.

Business Introduction in 1 Page 

This is a 1-page front and back that explains the business opportunity in the Philippines. Use this sheet to give out at classes, or display on your phone to share with people how the business works. 


This extensive ebook goes over everything you need to know about growing a doTERRA business in the Philippines. 

To Personalize by Editing on Canva:

Open file below. Copy design over to your own Canva account. Delete this original and edit on your new copy. If you edit on the master file, it will be erased by others.

Essential oils Made Easy - Class Sheet
Use this paper to teach classes from to make it easy and enjoyable for those at the class. 


and teach others how to do the same thing

The Essential Success program was created to help new Business Partners earn their initial investment of purchasing a Home Essential kit or larger back in the first 30 days. (This is an exclusive program for THIS TEAM ONLY. Please do not sure this program outside of our team.)

You can earn your initial kit investment back by hosting "Make and Take" classes. These are fun and interactive classes where guests use your oils to create roller bottle blends to help with different health concerns. Guests can make as many roller bottles as they want for 300php each roller bottle.


In your first month, if you sell 100 roller bottles from classes, you would make back the cost of your membership and have extra to purchase more oils or use for your family. The choice is yours! 



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Essential Success Make and Take 

This 4-page document explains everything you will need to hold your own essential success class. Including recipes, class script, giveaway entry forms, and cost and supply break downs. 

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