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****************EARLY BIRD PRICING UNTIL MAY 24TH ****************


13 Day LIVE Group Coaching Experience



(This may be the only time I run this all year, so if you’re heart is calling you, join this time around!)


This program is for working moms who know they were made for more in their relationships, lifestyle and profession!


The shift from a "have to" life, to a "WANT TO" life. 


Sometimes, you have to shake things up to discover what you really want. 


In this 13 day shake up, you'll discover a life YOU chose, not one you settled for by learning:

  • How to be a Queen in your home by getting more done with more ease

  • How to feel excited to wake up every morning by knowing your own purpose and passion in life and be working towards it

  • Find easy daily habits that will change how you see yourself and maximize your finances

  • Discovering ways to get more out of your passions or career


Each day is a new topic the reasonable and accessable habits to help you change the course and take control of your own life. 


You have one life to live. Live it well! 


This is for you if….

  • You’ve found yourself in a rut

  • You feel very “blah” and not excited about anything in life

  • You’re feeling like a piece of you is missing or lacking/----

  • You WANT clarity on your dream life but just don’t know WHAT you even want!

  • You feel like you just “react to life” instead of CREATING and TAKING CONTROL

  • You are ready to take action and make decisions that will positively impact your life


This is NOT for you if…

  • You have no interest in travel, freedom or “living by design”

  • You are lazy or don’t plan to take any action

  • You tend towards negativity or think the worst is out to get you

  • You are a complainer or if you think freedom is a “scam”

  • You are happy letting others run your life or make your decisions for you




Day 1: Intentional Life Evaluation- Dig deep and get HONEST with yourself about where you are so you can change the areas are life that are keeping you stuck in a slump.


Day 2: Intentional Ownership- Discover what is really holding you back and who can help you break past the plateau, rut or feelings of emptiness.


Day 3: Intentional You- Learn how your self worth is connected to your net worth. We will go over habits to put your self worth first (watch as your finances follow!)


Day 4: Intentional Surroundings- Your environment can set you up for success or failure. Learn secrets to improve and automate your surroundings so you aren't overwhelmed.


Day 5: Intentional Goal Setting- Write your in depth goals and connect to your ideal life vision in a way that sets you up to actually achieve it! (This day is SOOOOOO important and life changing!)


Day 6: Intentional Mindset- Your mind if the most powerful muscle you have. What you think about and focus on expands. Lets get your mind to work for you and attract more of what you want. I’ll teach you how!


Day 7: Intentional Time- Everyone has one thing in common, we ALL only have 24 hours in a day. Learn to get the most out of your day with ease and release guilt with the daily habits I’ll be teaching.


Day 8: Intentional Ways to Get It ALL Done- Behind every super human is a super team. It's not about doing it all YOURSELF but knowing how to get the help you need to do it all. If you’ve ever wanted to feel MORE supported this day is a MUST for you!


Day 9: Intentional Relationships - Who you spend your time around in person or on social media will shape who you are. Choose wisely and on purpose so others aren't demanding all you have to give.


Day 10: Intentional Career-  Time is the new measurement of wealth. Do you have the time to do what has been on your heart? Is it time to make a leap towards that new passion, lifestyle or career you've been longing for on the back burner? Together we'll go over different options to introduce you to new ideas and options to free up your time to make room for what you are passionate about.


Day 11: Intentional Passion and Hobbies- What do you love to do? What do you want to do more of? Wake up excited for a new day. Discover ways to open up your world to more passions, hobbies and travel for a more fulfilling life.


Day 12: Intentional Finances - Living paycheck to paycheck isn't living. It's surviving. Discover what top financial advocates share on how to get ahead and how to start having a savings for those rainy days or to do more of what you love.


Day 13: Intentional Life Design-  Discover the secret sauces to getting ahead in life.


*Each member of the course will get access to our exclusive daily work book with inspiration action plans for each day.




When does this start?

This guided group program begins JUNE 1ST


How much time will I need to set asided each day to do this program?

You will want to set aside at least 1 hour a day. For some that will me waking up an hour earlier, postponing your netflix binge, or asking for extra help so you can really focus on making the shift one hour. We have to get umcomfortable to create massive change. 


How does it work?

After you purchase the program you will get a .pdf with a link to the insider Facebook Page, a link to the work book, and the password protected website content that will go live on June 1st.


Each day there will be audio deep diving into the topic and a section of the work book to help you stay on task with assignments to start living your life more intentionally.


Can my spouse do it with me?

Of course! This is a great way to open up about what things in life you both really want so you can work together to achieve it.


Are you ever going to run this again?

We don’t know if/when we will run this again. So if this is something that has his your heart, Take action now, don’t procrastinate. We don’t know when we will open the doors again.


What if I miss some days? Can I catch up?

Yes! You will have access to the full workbook and program on this website for the next year. You can go back and do it again as many time as you want. However, you will miss out on the live aspect in the Facebook group.



13 Days To An Intentional Life Design

$197.00 Regular Price
$147.00Sale Price
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