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The Daily Drop Society

India Team!!


My name is Jewl Hinton and I will be guiding you through this program specific to doTERRA in India. 

 I am a Diamond in doTERRA, Mom of 3, with a degree in Mass Communications specializing in Public Relations. And I cannot wait to begin this journey with you!

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Building a Financial Pipeline

Building a Financial Pipeline

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This businesses will open so many doors to opportunities, relationship, experiences and growth you never thought possible! I promise you, it is worth it. Every minute, hour, successes, heart ache is all worth it.


You are a part of a mission. A cause. You are apart of something so big! 

These next 4 weeks we will be working through the 5 topics on building a pipeline with doTERRA. 



Before we begin, let us go through a few things so you feel prepared to begin. 

Must be signed up with The Daily Drop Society team to be apart of this training

doTERRA Lingo to know

OV: Overall Volume. OV is your entire team’s total volume. This becomes important to know as you try to qualify for bonuses and rank advancements. It is your volume plus the volume of your entire downline.

LRP: Loyalty Rewards Program. This program provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program. When you participate, you will earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase doTERRA products. The longer you participate in the LRP, the more credits you can earn–up to 30 percent of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases.

POM: Product of the Month. The Product of the Month is a special monthly promotion given to those who have an LRP order of at least 125 PV.

Po3: Power of 3 Bonus. The Power of 3 is part of the doTERRA compensation plan. It is a system of bonuses designed to help you build your structure and prepare you to qualify for future ranks. Paid monthly, you can receive bonuses of $50, $250, or $1500. Each bonus is paid based on your structure and the amount of team volume.

PV: Personal Volume. PV is an amount assigned to each product. Think of PV like doTERRA dollars. Shipping costs and tax do not count as PV, so the dollar amount of our order will generally be more than the PV amount.

Success is Scheduled

If you want to be successful in this program, you MUST schedule the time. If you want a new outcome, make a change or are striving for a goal, it's time to get “uncomfortable” with the norm. Whether it be waking up an hour early to get assignments done, or cutting out a Netflix habit to make room, decide what that time block looks like for you each day. Then make it NON-NEGOTIABLE. This time is set aside for this program and this program only to growing and creating a better life for you and the people around you. You will need to set aside anywhere from 7-10 hours a week to complete tasks. You decide what your level of commitment will look like. 

Set Up Your Own Success Schedule

with Time Blocking


You can choose a

Google Calendar or Paper Calendar

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MON (7).png

Download my personal paper

calendar I use weekly

Team What's App Group 

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Join the What's App Business group to chat in real-time with our team. Get the latest announcements and discuss things happening. These group is available for those building a business with team Daily Drop Society India. You may invite you business leaders to this group also. 

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