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Service not Sales
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When you first start thinking of who would be blessed in their lives to be introduced to essential oils, we always need to go into contacting them with what you can do to be a solutions provider. It's all about how you can serve them. Not the sales.

Whose lives are waiting to be changed by the gift yor have to share?
This exercise is to help you brain start jogging and thinking of people you could help with these amazing little drops.

Fill out the list of 45 people and start to think about how you can serve them.
(Page 7 of the Launch Guide)


Sampling is the easilest way to help someone understand the power of essential oils and prep them for coming to a class.  Some of  the biggest business partners I have brought into my business started with sampling and letting those samples do the heavy lifting. The difference is how you follow up with them after the sample. The stats show that 80% of sales are made between the 5-12th contact, but