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Roller Bottle Blends

How to make your own

Rollers and FCO-28-191581.jpg
Rollers and FCO-28-191581.jpg

Roller Bottles

Roller bottles are a great DIY way to use essential oils topically. They make it easy to use multiple essential oils all packed in one little roller to make it easier to use. 


What you will need: 

  • Essential oils

  • Empty roller bottle with lid and roller

  • Carrier oil (Our fav is fractionated coconut oil) 

  • Orifice remover (optional) 



Depending on whom you are making the roller bottle for will tell you how much you need to dilute your blend. Children and the elderly with more sensitive skin will need a higher dilution rate. 


Dilution doesn't mean the essential oil will be less effectiveve. It simply just means it helps carry the oil further on the skin. Using a carrier oil helps the essential oil to absorb better, keeps your skin from having any sensitivity reactions, and helps the essential oil from evaporating as quickly.  

Use the chart to the right to determine how much you will want to dilute your roller bottle blend. 



Roller Bottles Recipes

You can create your own recipes, or use one of the tried and true recipes below for the certain alignment you are wanting to work on.  

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