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At the beginning of your journey in doTERRA it is important to start to believe in the products and how they can change lives.

This is what makes doTERRA authentic network marketing. We lead with the products.


And it's most important to find that out for yourself. ​

80% of the health concerns in your life can be helped and supported through essential oils.

So, become a product of the product.

Open those bottles. Use them every chance you can and see the difference they can make.

*Choose a way you want to learn more about oils each week. This can be a webinar while you commute or while doing laundry. Reading books. Or blog posts. You don't need to learn everything now, but a little each week will add up fast. 



Look through and download the

Health Can Be Simple Guide.

This is a great resource to send new oil users.  You can send the digital version or buy a 10 pack from doTERRA.

Look through, download and fill out the

doTERRA Live Guide

if you haven't already with your mentor. 

This is a great resource to learn more about the oils, what to use next for your health and is a great outline for wellness consults (Coming in a later week)


When I was first introduced to essential oils, I wasn't completely into them. 

In fact, it was my mom who gave me my first kit of essential oils for Christmas. It was one of those gifts you are given when you think...


"Awe, Mom... you shouldn't have.. Like no really, you shouldn't have."


Me and my husband opened the bottles, read a little about them and tucked them in our cabinet, never to be looked at again. 

Until, one night, in the middle of the night, we heard a seal like cough sound coming from the baby monitor and we could hear that our son was struggling to breath.  

As first time parents, this TERRIFIED US. We jumped straight out of bed and ran to his room. 

So we did what first time parents should NEVER do. We Googled his symptoms.


But this ended up being a happy ending

It turns out, what he had was something that was a wait and out and see what happens. Even if we rushed him into the doctor in the middle of the night, there was nothing they could have done for him.


But in the mean time, he was uncomfortable and struggling for breath. That is when my husband remembered, 

"Didn't your mom get us those oils?"

And it was out of desperation we pulled the kit out of the cabinet, grabbed one called Breathe. Put it on him. And within 30 minutes he had calmed down enough to fall asleep again. We put it on him again and the next day, and surprisingly nothing ever progressed further. What where these tools I had in my cabinet? 

That is when I had to know more about these oils. 

Have you ever thought about using them for your health before?


Now that you have heard mine, I want to hear your story!

Take the guideline below to write up your own story and practice saying it until it becomes natural to say. 

  • Specific - Choose one specific story when you were frustrated or concerned with your health where the oils worked for you

  • Short- 2-3 Minutes 

  • Skepticism - Everyone at one point has a degree of skepticism if this will really work. Connect with those people reassuring them that they aren't alone, you have felt that too at one time. 

  • Story Telling -It's all in the details. Share what was happening, how you felt, what you were doing in detail so people can feel like they were there with you. 

  • Solution - Share what oils you used so they can start getting ideas of the versatility of oils

  • Your Ah Ha, "they work" moment. - Share the success you had with them and why they mean so much to you now

  • Share - This is where you make an invitation. Invite people to learn more, try a sample, or look into the business with you. Adapt it for who you are talking to. 

Write + Share Your Story

Write your own product story and share it with The Daily Drop Society : : Leaders And Educators Group or email it to your upline mentor. 



Everything we have in life is a results of our beliefs. When we learn to start believing in ourselves, we open up a world of possibilities. Jack Canfield talks about the 4 most important steps toward believing in yourself are to: 

  1. Believe it’s possible. Believe that you can do it regardless
    of what anyone says or where you are in life.

  2. Visualize it. Think about exactly what your life would look like if
    you had already achieved your dream.

  3. Act as if. Always act in a way that is consistent with where you want to go.

  4. Take action towards your goals. Do not let fear stop you, nothing happens in life until you take action.

Read his whole article here and examine where your belief is in yourself. 

Write up your product story and share it with The Daily Drop Society LEADER AND EDUCATORS Group. 

“He Who Has a Why Can Endure Any How.”
-Frederick Nietzsche

Your 'Why' is your cause—it’s the thing that you are fighting for. Subconsciously, it defines your beliefs and the lens with which you see the world. Your Why is beautiful and unique to you. When you have a clear picture of your Why, other things that don’t matter as much fall away, including fear, excuses, and inhibitions that would otherwise keep you from moving forward in life. When your Why is established, you have meaning in your life, you attract the things and people you need, and choosing to do hard things to have the best possible outcomes becomes easier.

It's important to find our your "Why" to beginning this journey with doTERRA. 

Your Why is your guiding compass and deeper meaning to why you got started in the first place. 

This is important to have written out and to remember it throughout your journey. 

Don't worry, this "Why" will change as your business and you change.


Ask yourself the following questions and answer honestly: 

  • Why do you do dōTERRA? 

  • How has or will dōTERRA changed your life?

  • What’s your passion for sharing dōTERRA?

  • How would your life be different if you achieved your goals in dōTERRA?

  • What are you willing to do to accomplish your goals?

  • What’s your bigger vision in what you’d like to create with dōTERRA?

What Sets You Apart:


  • What are your strengths/gifts? What are you good at? 

  • How can your stregneths/gifts assist in building your successful doTERRA business? 

  • Why are you going to succeed in doTERRA? 

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Download these questions in a work sheet from Share Success. 


“People are attracted to your WHY more than they are attracted to your what.” - Simon Sinek


We ALL have strengths and talents. But somewhere along life, we forgot how unique and full of gifts we are.

If you are having a hard time identifying your strengths, check out doTERRA's partnership with Gallup.

Gallup has compiled a series of questions that helps individuals identify where they have the best strengths

that can be used to grow their doTERRA business. 

The test is $20 for your top 5 strengths. 

After you discover your strengths, share them with your mentor and watch doTERRA's videos on

how you can use that strength to grow a successful business leading with what you do best.

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"But I don't have any strengths or talents..."

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GROWTH WORK : : What is Your "Why"?

Discover why you want to do doTERRA as a business, type it out, and have it on your night stand, mirror, work station. Wherever you can look at it daily and remember why you are doing this in the first place. 


Do you believe in the company?

Do you believe they have the best essential oils in the world?

Do you believe they are leading the industry to integrate

natural health into modern practices?

Do you believe in Co-Impact Sourcing? 

Do you believe in Healing Hands?

Do you believe that building a doTERRA business

will work for YOU?

(Click the links above to study each question)

Where will your

belief take you?

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Set Goals In These 6 Areas of Life:

  1. Financial Life 

  2. Career

  3. Relationships

  4. Fun and Recreations

  5. Health and Fitness

  6. Personal Goals




What is your non-negotiable goal in doTERRA?

Discover what your goals in doTERRA and the other 6 areas of your life. Share you doTERRA goals with your upline mentor on your phone call this week so they can help you achieve those goals. 


  • 15-20 minute check in with your upline mentor

  • Study a new topic about essential oils each week. 

  • Read chapters 4, 5, 6 & 7 of the Success Principles.

  • Write up your own Product Story and share it with the Leaders Facebook Group

  • Discover your "why" in doTERRA. Write it up and read it to yourself each day

  • Discover your belief in doTERRA by reading each link in that section. 

  • Set goals in the 6 areas of your life