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to help people enroll in doTERRA

CLOSING SCRIPT  (50 minutes into the class)


1. Did you learn something new tonight about essential oils?     “YES!”

  • Have them share out a few things new they learned.     


2. Do you feel a little more comfortable knowing how to use them?     “YES!”

  • “Great! That is exactly what these essential oil classes are for!
    I am so glad you came and learned with us for an hour tonight.” 


3. Do you guys want to hear how you can get the oils at the lowest possible price?     “YES!”     

  • “I can't share all this amazing information without at least sharing how you can get these oils into your own home the most affordable way possible.”     


The best way to get started with doTERRA is with a wholesale account.


Wholesale is kinda like a costco membership. You pay $35 and you get 25% off all your essential oils and natural home and beauty products for the WHOLE YEAR. There are NO minimums. You can use your new wholesale account as much or as little as you want for the whole year.



There is an even better way!


You can get that membership FREE with a kit.


(Tell them to open up the kits page and follow along)



  • Home Essential (Best bargain kit. 3X as much oil as the Family Wellness kit but not 3x as much money).

  • Natural Solutions (Fav kit to try a little of the most popular stuff)

  • Every oil (great for the professionals. ex. Massage therapists, aromatherapists, chiropractors, energy healers etc)

  • Diamond Kit (For the business builders or someone who wants EVERYTHING)


You will see 2 forms in the back of your hand out.

Go ahead and start filling that out for your wholesale account and I will be walking around at the end of the class helping you know which is best.


WHICH PATH: Explain the 3 different paths they can take with their new wholesale account.


    “Lastly, there are 3 three types of people that come to this class.”


  1. The first is Living- These peoples are users who fall in LOVE with the oils and want to learn the best ways to purchase them at the best possible price.


  1. The second is Sharing- Sharers are those people who can't help but tell a friend about when something works! Maybe you've been thinking of a mom, sister, friend who could really benefit from this. And doTERRA actually pays people for sharing the oils with others. You can start getting your oils for free just for hosting an educational class just like this one you are at.             


  1. The third is a Partner- Business partners and educators are people who heard what we talked about today and thought "I want to do that. I want to change peoples lives forever with this message of natural health." A business partner has the ability to supplement or even replace their income with growing a business with doTERRA just like I am. (You can add a little teaser to stay for the 20 minute business intro here.) If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I want to invite you to stick around 10 minutes after the class we will be doing a short 20 minute intro into what it looks like the grow the business and become a partner.  


(This is why it is so important to stick to the 1 hour mark! If you go too far over, people won't stay. It also shows you are a person of your word and will really only be 20 minutes to share the business. And they are more likely to stay)



GIVEAWAY (This is a great way to get people information to follow up. Super important.)

    Print off the giveaway forms and explain what's on the them to the class.


“At the end of each class we love to do a giveaway so someone gets to go home with an essential oil tonight to start using at home. Fill out your name and information on the card. And mark if you would be interested in any of the below area.


1. If you are interested in getting essential oils at the wholesale price we talked about mark your card.


2 You see this ___________. (Pass around your host incentive for doing a class) If you enjoyed this class and were thinking of all the people who need to hear this too mark yes on the sheet. Not only can we come do a private class for you and your friends, but you also get this awesome _________. And if you mark yes you will also get an extra entry into the drawing.             

3. If you were interested in partnering to becoming an educator, mark it here and make sure you stick around for 20 minutes after the class to hear what that looks like and see if it might be for you.             


Collect all the cards. Read over them quickly and if anyone said “yes” to hosting, give them another entry in front of the group. They can just put their name on the second one. Sometimes I even give it to “maybe's” depending on the class. This gives social proof and creates excitement if other people are willing to host also.


Pick a winner.



“Remember your top 3 health concerns? This is the fun part! I am going to hand out these books. You can look up what essential oils will work best for your health concern and how to use them for the next 10 minutes. 


Me and _________ (helper) will be going around and helping you with individual questions, helping you find what kit might be best for you, or if you had any questions about oils. Then in 10 minutes we will start what exactly the business side looks like if you were interested in becoming an educator and business partner.”


after the class has ended