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Wellness consults are such an important part of the process. When someone trusts us with something as important as their health,  it's our responsibility to ensure we are there to answer questions, help then use the oils they just invested in and show them how to use their new wholesale account. 

Wellness Consults

Wellness Consults

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Use the doTERRA Live Guide ​

(Download from the link or order in your back office)

“The nurturing really comes AFTER the sale.”

Once someone has trusted us with using natural solutions for their health, this is where it is our responsibility really start to nurture and help them learn about essential oils. There is only so much someone can learn and retain from a 1 hour class, so it is our job to help them on an individual basis and really sit down with them and understand their needs and built a stronger relationship.

These consults are for listening. Not talking. Help them discover and tell you.

Schedule your wellness consults with them the night they sign up for sometime in the next 2 weeks. Preferably, I like to do it after 1 week in the US because they will have their oils. If you live out of the country and it takes longer to get their oils, schedule these right away even without oils so you can get them excited and give them the tools they need when they do get there.


SO, What do you discuss in a Wellness Consult?

  1. Have them take out their new oils and go over each one

  2. Review the Live Guide and have them fill out their health goals on the wellness consult sheet. Have them tell you about their top health challenges.
    Ask questions like:
    “What are you most excited to try?”
    “How are the oils going to help you achieve your health goals?”
    (Let them tell you! We buy emotionally, and justify logically)

  3. Help them discover solutions for their health concerns. This is a great time to pull out a reference book or show them how to download the Modern Essential App for their phone. We want to empower people to know how to look up their own health concerns and be empowered at home.

  4. Show them how to login to their back office.

  5. Introduce them to the Loyalty Rewards Program. Although this was already discussed in the class, many people could feel overwhelmed with so much information. So again show them great examples of how they can start to reduce synthetics in the home and earn product free and how to login to their new wholesale account. .

  6. Show them how to look up and see promotions for the month

  7. Identify if they are a User, Sharer or Builder (More info below.)

  8. Invite them to yours (or uplines) online groups to get further support

  9. Invite them to any continuing ed classes

  10. Schedule a time to check back in with them“Would it be ok…….”



The LRP program is the pipeline to grow your business and also a way to help people be empowered in their own home to start making over their lives with natural solutions.

Watch this video below to helping get people on LRP.