doTERRA is a relationship business. Anchor your attitude in the belief that caring is the most important gift you give everyone you connect with.

Remember what a difference the person made who shared this gift with you.

Who is out there waiting for you to share

this gift with them?

Holding Hands
Set up your First 3 Class Dates OR 
15 One-on-Ones

Take out your calendar and pick out three dates in the SAME WEEK at the BEGINNING of the month. These are your non-negotiable hours you are setting aside to inviting people to learn more about these little drops that will change their health forever. Share these three dates with your mentor to see if they can help facilitate your first 3 classes with you.

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Write down 100 names 

Step 1: Brain dump 100 names without judging or over thinking it onto a blank piece of paper. Think back to past jobs, school, neighbors, associates, every and anyone. This is called your "warm market".


Step 2: From there,  narrow it down to your top 45 names and put them on the success tracker (to the left).


Step 3: Inviting. As you contact this people, take the attention away from you and what you want, and sincere think of the people in your life who will forever be changed by sharing with them this gift. 

What if the person who signed you up never shared this gift with you? 

Always come from a place of serving everyone on this list. 


The more people who experience your message, the more people enroll, and the more lives you change, including your own. Start sharing with your own warm market (trusted/established relationships).

As they fall in love with dōTERRA, they become an ongoing source of contacts and referals.

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Look through and download the


This is a great resource to prepare for sharing the oils. 

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Have your Launch Guide close as you go through this section to read about scripts on inviting

to a class or to try the oils


dōTERRA is a relationship business. Take the time to create and nurture relationships as you begin to share. When the time is right, ask about health priorities and share samples. Seek to serve, then others will naturally want what you have to offer.

You don’t need to be an expert to successfully invite people to become their own solutions provider. Discover what’s most important to each person by taking a genuine interest in who they are, what they are experiencing, and how you can serve them.

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Building Value in an Invite for Success


The best way to help others want to learn more about essential oils is by sharing experiences. Choose the method that is best for you. Many sharing opportunities happen naturally during existing day-to-day activities (at a social gathering, sporting event, social media, in line at the store, etc.)


Share a quick oil experience when and wherever it feels natural. The more experiences a person has with the oils and with you, the more they want to learn and enroll.

Take advantage of windows of opportunity to share.

- ways to share -

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Loan them a bottle of oil from your collection. This gives them an opportunity to try the oils and also ensures a follow up when you go to get your bottle back 


You can customize your own tri-fold brochures to give out when the time is right. Or your own business cards.

Tri Fold:  

Small sample vials are a great way to share an oil experience with people. (more information below)

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doTERRA has a beautiful booklet that compliantly talks about the most popular oils and how to use them. A pack of 20 costs $12.

Regardless of which path works best for you, it is most important to get their information and set a time to follow up! As simple as "what is your number and I can check in with you to see what you think" 

Reach out to the 45 people on your list this week

Look at your list of the top 45 and decide the best way to serve them this week. Visit, call them on the phone, shoot them a text or Facebook message. And when the time is right, introduce the oils, share a sample and eventually invite them to your classes.

Write up your product story and share it with The Daily Drop Society LEADER AND EDUCATORS Group. 


Sampling is the easilest way to help someone understand the power of essential oils and prep them for coming to a class.  Some of  the biggest business partners I have brought into my business started with sampling and letting those samples do the heavy lifting. The difference is how you follow up with them after the sample. The stats show that 80% of sales are made between the 5-12th contact, but only 20% of people follow up 5-12 times. It is so important that you understand how to follow up and also how to invite.

When you first start thinking of who would be blessed in their lives to be introduced to essential oils, we always need to go into contacting them with what you can do to be a solutions provider. It's all about how you can serve them. Not the sales.

Whose lives are waiting to be changed by the gift you have to share?​

This exercise is to help you brain start jogging and thinking of people you could help with these amazing little drops.

Fill out the list of 45 people and start to think about how you can serve them.

(Page 7 of the Launch Guide)

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There are 2 options to share samples with people. 

Option 1: Loan them your bottle of oil. This way they can experience as much as they need and it gives a timeline for when you come back to pick it up to invite them to a class. 

Option 2:  You can buy small empty sample bottles lots of places. My favorite places to buy them are:



  • I like to purchase the smallest size possible and only fill the bottles with 10 drops of oil. Just enough to give them 1 or 2 experiences with it.

  • The stickers that fit on top of your regular sized bottles you received in your welcome book fit on these tops. You can buy more from doTERRA or the 2 websites above .

  • These smaller bottles tops take about 3 drops to = 1 full drop from a regular sized bottle. 


  • 1. Only sample 1-2 oils at a time

  • 2. Sample to their easiest ailment (Never start with a big disease so they can feel a difference immediately) 

  • 3. Create the right expectations. Sometimes a sample doesn't work for someone. Let them know upfront if this oil doesn't work, be patient, you will help them find the right combo.

  • 4. Ask permission to follow up “Would it be okay if I called you in 2 days to see how its going?”

  • 5. Always carry samples. We recommend carrying “high impact” oils (Peppermint, DigestZen, OnGuard, Breathe,  Lavender, Wild Orange or the one that made the biggest impact on you that you can honestly share from the heart.)


Wanting to approach people online? Friends on Facebook? Instagram?

Be a pro about it.

+Do: Personally message them and sincerely see how they are

- Don’t: Just add a bunch of people to a Facebook group without their permission first

+ Do: Ask questions to get to see their needs better
-Don’t: Start spamming walls thinking that’s marketing. That isn’t marketing
+Do: Share how you are using the oils and how they have sincerely helped you. Remember, stories connect.
-Don’t: Started adding a bunch of people as friends just to pitch them your business
+Do: Interact with people as much as possible (Be social!)

If the timing is right to approach them to sample, ask if you can send them a gift package to try. Everyone loves gifts! This is such a non threatening way to help them try the oils.

If you are reaching out and sampling to people you have never met, remember, it takes twice as long to build a relationship with them FIRST

If you are broadcasting a sample event for your followers, BE SPECIFIC. Sample just high impact oils. Get their information for sending out a sample (ex. name, phone, address, info about their oil usage) and CALL each one before you send it out and after you send it. (remember, it’s all in the follow up)


In an oil gift package I like to send:

  • Sample Letter

  • Samples in a baggie (in case they leak. I use jewelry bags, but you can use zip lock sandwich bags if you have those easily available at home)

  • A-Z Guide, Aliments card or Health Simplified from doTERRA (Just one. Not all 3.)

  • Bubble envelope (In the US it costs around $3.00 MINIMUM to send by USPS) 

Example note for sampling by mail: This is the letter I personally send to people sampling from other areas by  mail. You are welcome to use it and adjust it to fit your personality or sample you are sending.

Sample Letter Example

Sample to 30 People on Your 45 Person Leads List

Using the skills above, discover how you can serve 30 people over the next 10 days with a sample of essential oil for a health concern. Then follow up with each of them.


"How you feel about yourself impacts how you connect with others

When you get the nudge to reach out to someome, do it as soon as possible

48% of people never reconnect with a contact.

80% of sales are made after at least 5 connections & are made by only 10% of leaders.

Your contact  wants to be guided confidently by you. They want you to close them" -Ange Peters Hol:fit

Follow up is about planting the seeds and nurturing them.

"The harvest cannot be prevented."

But we have to do our part in seeing the harvest come. 

That is through heart felt, sincere follow up. 

The secret sauce to creating a thriving business.

What if you knew 60% of the time follow up would work every time?

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 2.49.43 PM.png

This sample flow chart is perfect for knowing exactly what to say, when to follow up and when invite to a class. 


I wanted to share this interview Ange with Hol:Fit did with me on follow up.


Ange is the fastest growing Canadian founders, DOUBLE Diamond and truly one of the most amazing business woman ever with an amazing team culture!


I can’t imagine doTERRA without her loving influence, but did you know it took over 6 months of follow up with her until she was ready to sign up?


Check out her video.

Track The Seeds You Plant

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Tracking your connection with people is what sets the amateurs apart from the business professionals. You can't leave this business up to chance, but rather intentional building. This is done by tracking the following up with the people who are waiting for your message. When sales, promos, BOGO's happen, you will be ahead of the curve because you have your lead list to reach out to and serve authentically and naturally. DO NOT skip this step in your business. 


  • 15-20 minute check in with your upline mentor

  • Study a new topic about essential oils each week. 

  • Read chapter 10, 17 & 18 of the Success Principles 

  • Set up your first 3 launch classes or 15 One-on-Ones

  • Personally invite 45 people to your first 3 classes 

  • Sample to 30 people on your 45 list you talk to