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Wellness consults are such an important part of the process. Whether they are a User, Sharer or Builder, you need to schedule a follow up to help them along their new path with doTERRA. 


When someone trusts us with something as important as their health,  it's our responsibility to ensure we are there to answer questions, help them use the oils they just invested in and show them how to use their new wholesale account to build this business.


want to "live" the oils


Wellness consults should be done for all 3 types: User, Sharer or Builder in doTERRA.

EVERYONE needs a wellness consult who opens an account with you.

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Use the doTERRA Live Guide ​

(Download from the link or order in your back office)

“The nurturing really comes AFTER the sale.”

Once someone has trusted us with using natural solutions for their health, this is where it is our responsibility to begin nurturing and helping them learn about essential oils. There is only so much someone can learn and retain from a 1 hour class, so it is our job to help them on an individual basis and really sit down with them and understand their needs and build a stronger relationship.

These consults are for listening. Not talking. Help them discover and tell you.

Schedule your wellness consults with them the night they sign up for sometime in the next 2 weeks. Preferably, I like to do it after 1 week in the US because they will have their oils. If you live out of the country and it takes longer to get their oils, schedule these right away even without oils so you can get them excited and give them the tools they need when they do get there.


SO, What do you discuss in a Wellness Consult?

  1. Have them take out their new oils and go over each one

  2. Review the Live Guide and have them fill out their health goals on the wellness consult sheet. Have them tell you about their top health challenges.
    Ask questions like:
    “What are you most excited to try?”
    “How are the oils going to help you achieve your health goals?”
    (Let them tell you! We buy emotionally, and justify logically)

  3. Help them discover solutions for their health concerns. This is a great time to pull out a reference book or show them how to download the Modern Essential App for their phone. We want to empower people to know how to look up their own health concerns and be empowered at home.

  4. Show them how to log in to their back office.

  5. Introduce them to the Loyalty Rewards Program. Although this was already discussed in the class, many people could feel overwhelmed with so much information. So again show them great examples of how they can start to reduce synthetics in the home and earn product free and how to log in to their new wholesale account.

  6. Show them how to look up and see promotions for the month

  7. Identify if they are a User, Sharer or Builder (from week 4)

  8. Invite them to yours (or uplines) online Facebook groups to get further support

  9. Invite them to any continuing ed classes

  10. Schedule a time to check back in with them“Would it be ok if I check back in 2 weeks to see how you're loving your oils?”

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the loyalty rewards program

LRP is the best way to help people get the oils for below wholesale. They receive free products of the month, and points back on product and shipping each month.. 


Also, the LRP program is the pipeline to grow your business and also a way to help people be empowered in their own home to start making over their lives with natural solutions.


Watch this video to helping get people on LRP.

Keeping a long-term customer is much less expensive than pursuing new ones. doTERRA has a 65% retention rate where the industry average is 8-10%! You are aligned with an amazing company with products that work!


It is extremely important to keep the current customers you have happy and educated with their new oils. Even if they were happy with their initial purchase of oils, you need to be there to walk them through how to incorporate these precious tools into their life now to see great health success.


Remember, the real work comes after the sale. Nourish your now growing network.



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Wellness Consults

 Schedule a wellness consults with each one of your new doTERRA Sign Ups


Wants their products for free or a little extra spending cash

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The top priority to help a Sharer is to build belief in the products. Get them a login to the education side of this website and let them dive deep into why these drops are so incredible.

If your person identifies as a sharer and wants to host a class, this is when you go over the Share Guide from doTERRA.

In simple explanations, it goes over how to host a class that you, as the educator, will come teach for them and how to sample to their friends and family to get a greater turn out. 

You will need to identify what their goals are as a Sharer.

  • Maybe they just want to host to help you grow your business.

  • Maybe they want their product for free each month.

  • Maybe they want some extra spending cash.

​Find out what they are looking for and help them be able to accomplish that..

Sharers earn 20% Fast Start on all purchases from who they introduce to doTERRA. You earn 10%.  If they are interested in this, they will need to upgrade their account to a Wellness Advocate.


*If they upgrade after 90 days of original sign up, you will get an additional 14 days to move them. This is a great opportunity to fill in the holes for power of 3 or builder volume. If they are interested at a later date to share once they get to know the oils, tell them you will follow up in 2 months to host on their 90 days anniversary.



Someone who is ready to replace their income and turn doTERRA into a business

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If your person identifies as a partner and wants be become an educator you will want to make sure they know the doTERRA Build Guide.

Set a time to go over the Build Business Overview if you haven't already and ask them to fill out the list of 100 names in the back and to call you the next day.

One of the first things you will want to find out is if they are a Capable and Committed leader in the first week so you know how to place them. 


Committed: Shows up to every classes or events. Eager to do a business overview. Fills out the 100 names in the build guide and gets back to you the next day.

Capable: Has already signed someone up without your help. Set up their first class date without being told. Started contacting friends without needing guidance. Called you the next day with their 100 names.

Capable + Committed = CC

Many times people may have one, but not the other.

However, if they have both, then these are front line leaders. 

After you have learned if they are a CC builder, place them within 14 days and plug them into this Ready, Set, LAUNCH program to start learning the in's and outs of building a doTERRA business with you as their leader and mentor to guide them through it. 

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Invite all business builders to our Facebook Group: The Daily Drop Society : : Leaders and Educators group so they can start becoming a part of the community.



  • Invite them to your group Facebook group (Or if you don't have one yet, The Daily Drop Society Educational Group) to continue learning about their oils 

  • Host a monthly make and take or education class just for current members on your team to learn more. It's where you can talk more about specific health topics, learn about LRP and getting free products back

  • Send out a monthly newsletter to show them promos that month and product education

  • Send out a text every few weeks to see how they are and if they have any questions

  • Mail out a thank you letter thanking them periodically for supporting your business and how much your appreciate them

  • Do connection calls to see how they are and if they need any support using their oils 

  • Surprise them with a sample of a new oil or product to get them excited as a thank you for being with you

DO NOT forget about the people who have invested in their health with you.

Compensation 101

How do you get paid in doTERRA? 

In doTERRA you get paid in 5 different ways. 

1- Retail Sales

2- Fast Start

3- Power of 3 

4- Unilevel 

5- Leadship Bonus 

Click above to read the official doTERRA manual on how you get paid. 

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As you begin your doTERRA® business, it can be hard to figure out how the compensation plan works. There is no real substitute for having your upline or another doTERRA mentor explain it to you, but to help, we have compiled this commissions frequently asked questions page. 

1. What is Unilevel?

The Unilevel is a sponsor based bonus received monthly along with the Power of 3 and retail bonuses. You can receive Unilevel on up to seven levels of your organization. The minimum requirement to earn Unilevel is to have at least a 50 PV order placed during the month you want to earn commission. This qualifies you as the first rank and allows you to earn at least 2 percent from your first level. To qualify as a higher rank and earn Unilevel on anyone beyond your first level, you must have 100 PV or more of personal volume as well as meet any other requirements for the upper level ranks. This 100 PV can come from LRP or standard one-time orders.  

2. When are commissions paid?

All bonuses except Fast Start process once a month between the 15th and 20th. Fast Start is paid on a weekly basis based any new people enrolled, and is processed every Wednesday for the previous week.

3. Why am I not receiving my Unilevel bonus?

One of the more common reasons you have not yet received unilevel commissions is that unilevel is not paid on the volume of a Wellness Advocate during their first 60 days of enrollment. That volume is instead paid as Fast Start commission to the enrollers three levels up. Once the first 60 days of enrollment are up, the bonus paid switches from Fast Start (paid to the enroller) to Unilevel (paid according to the sponsor tree). Fast Start only applies to the enroller and the next two enrollers above them. Each leader must individually qualify by having a cumulative monthly LRP volume of 100 PV. This can come from one or multiple LRP orders placed during that month. If you still have questions about why you are not receiving Unilevel, please call Member Services at 800-411-8151.

4. What does dynamic compression mean?

Dynamic compression, or compressed organizational volume, means that you are guaranteed to be paid based on the first seven levels of your team as long as you personally qualify. If a Wellness Advocate does not meet monthly requirements to earn Unilevel commissions on their downline, the earnings will roll up to the next qualifying Wellness Advocate.


  • Wellness Advocate A is sponsored by Wellness Advocate B, who is sponsored by Wellness Advocate C. 

  • Wellness Advocate A places a 100 PV order (after their first 60 days of enrollment).

  • Wellness Advocate B does not order any product that month. Therefore, B does not qualify to earn any Unilevel commission.

  • The 2 percent commission that Wellness Advocate B would have earned on A’s order is rolled up and paid to the next qualifying Wellness Advocate, Wellness Advocate C.

5. What happens to the team members enrolled or sponsored when an upline team member leaves the company?

When a team member leaves the company and terminates their account, then the people below them will move up in your structure. However, the account must be terminated, otherwise it will take six months of inactivity for the account to then disappear.

6. What if a Wellness Advocate that I enrolled chose not to enter their social security number, and they end up qualifying for commission? Will they not receive commission?

When a Wellness Advocate hits $350 in earnings, or $4,000 in purchases, they will be sent an Automated email informing them that they must provide a Social Security number for 1099 purposes. If they do not provide a Social Security number, and they hit $400 in earnings or $4,500 in purchases, they will be placed on the “Restricted AR” list. Once on the Restricted AR list, the member will not be able to receive commissions or points, nor can they receive product until they enter their social security number.

7. What are the requirements to earn each commissions bonus?

For any of the bonuses, you must meet the set amounts of monthly PV, OV, and Leg Requirements:

Unilevel: Meet your monthly PV (Personal Volume), OV (Wellness Advocate’s volume plus their team), and Leg Requirements for your rank. (Leg Requirements= the rank of personally enrolled qualified legs in your downline.)

Power of 3: To earn the first $50 bonus, you and three people on your frontline must have a monthly total of 100 PV from LRP orders, and your team volume (which is you and those on your frontline) must be 600 PV or more. Team Volume does not have to just come from LRP orders.

Fast Start: You earn 5 to 20 percent of the PV or any orders (based on which enroller level you are) placed by new people that you personally enroll within their first 60 days.

Preferred Member Bonus: You will earn 15 percent of the combined volume of all Preferred Member orders.

Retail Customer Bonus: You will earn 25 percent (the difference between retail and wholesale) off of all Retail customer orders.

Please see the Compensation Plan Flyer for more information.

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  • 15-20 minute check in with your upline mentor

  • Study a new topic about essential oils each week. 

  • Read chapter 12, 19 & 24 of the Success Principles 

  • Schedule a Wellness Consult with Each New Sign up

  • Decide now you will follow up and nourish these new sign up over the next few months.